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Lace (Emi) and Lead (Harper T) met back in September of 2012 when they were both playing separately at a dive bar in Portland OR on the same night. They met up about a month later to jam, and have been playing together ever since.

Different musical backgrounds have influenced their sound. To them, country music is more about the stories behind the songs than fitting into a certain mold of what country music is "supposed to sound like."

Life happens, and there always seems to be something new to write a song about. The inspiration behind their music comes from the kind of songs you put on repeat over and over again. Writing clever songs that resonate with people while coming up with new ways to approach popular topics is their biggest feat.

Their motivation comes from picturing their songs being influential in the lives of others. Music can be a voice for people who don't know how to express what they're feeling. It's changed their lives, and they want to create songs that sustain over time.